Fewer Games Means More Playtime for Metta World Peace


When a then Ron Artest made the move to Los Angeles the whole world knew he was motivated by equal parts winning titles and increasing his global image. Now that he’s Metta World Peace and there is – as of now – no basketball it is very clear where his priorities are.

Having had a cup of coffee on Dancing With The Stars, flirted with playing in England in hopes of becoming a British soap star Metta will now make his acting debut on BET’s Reed Between The Lines. For good measure World Peace let his adoring fans know the news via Twitter. How else would you expect him to break the news?

But don’t sweat it if you miss his highly anticipated performance. Rest assured this won’t be the last we see of Metta World Peace. As stated previously this lengthy lockout is providing him with far too much free time.

To date all of Metta’s extracurricular activities aren’t in conflict with his hoops duties since he has none at the moment. The hope is that he won’t take an Ochocinco nosedive in production if and when we get the NBA back. Coming off the worst season of his career you’d hope Metta would be using whatever time he has to getting ready for the possible season. As Ochocinco is learning all of that other stuff is fine but when your production dips nobody cares about the Tweets or antics of a 5th string wide receiver. Metta should be taking note.