Dwight Howard Trade Winds Shift Again


The only thing worse than the indecisive nature of Dwight Howard is all the ever-changing trade rumors that swirl around the NBA’s new Public Enemy #1. Hopefully Howard will handle the roll of villain better than LeBron James did, but that is doubtful considering how butchered this entire process has been and continues to be.

Now that the four-team proposal that bubbled up yesterday has gone pop the Lakers are suddenly said to be back in the chase, with one caveat of course.

Supposedly the Magic are looking to unload the dead-weight deal owned by Jason Richardson. While J-Rich would be a welcome addition to L.A.’s lackluster bench his contract is more than the team would appear willing to absorb. Oh and there’s also the whole issue of Howard being unwilling to sign an extension with the greatest franchise in all of hoops.

Why exactly do the Lakers want to trade for this guy again? Better yet, do they really have any interest in his services?

From what Jim Buss has said you’d assume that the Lakers aren’t going to pursue DH. But like the Howard rumors the Lakers’ front office seems to change its stance by the hour.

One minute Buss is playing Mitch Kupchak like a puppet having him say the team isn’t going to make any major moves. Then they trade away their entire future for an over-the-hill Steve Nash.

Now they’re back in the Howard market. Huh?

My head hurts just trying to keep up with all the improbable scenarios that are being thrown out each day. Of course Howard could have saved himself and the rest of the hoops universe all this trouble by sticking to his guns in the first place. But that would have required a sensible approach. One thing we know for sure about Howard is that being sensible isn’t in his nature. Neither is all of the trade rumoring that surrounds him.

So until we talk again, here’s hoping tomorrow brings more facts than rumors.