Lakers, Dwight Howard Are Own Worst Enemies


This Dwight Howard trade drama is dragging on longer than a Russian epic and by the time it’s done the biography of Ivan the Terrible will feel like the pamphlet of a pool cleaning service by comparison. We keep hearing that Howard refuses to consider signing a long-term deal with the Lakers. Yet here we are with the music nearing its conclusion and the Lakers are the last team dancing with the Magic in this clumsy ballet.

So, what exactly is the hold up in getting any deal done?

Howard must truly think the NBA revolves around him. Exactly where is he going to go as a free agent after next season? His destination of choice, New Jersey Brooklyn, capped themselves out of the Howard market.

I mean, Howard does realize only the team that acquires him via trade can in fact pay him above and beyond what any other franchise could offer in free agency, right?

Howard must know that at this point his diva ways have so offended the NBA populace that his skills are being severely overshadowed by his ego. Typically guys like that end up in Charlotte as they try to rebuild their careers. They certainly don’t get offers to take their talents to the best franchise in the history of the game.

But Howard exemplifies all that is wrong with the ego of the modern athlete. He selfishly values his status as a superstar over the virtues of playing for a true title contender. Not even LeBron James was that selfish.

Of course in this awkward conundrum it does take two left feet to tango and the Lakers aren’t helping this matter at all.

Knowing full and well the Magic wanted draft picks in exchange for Howard the Lakers gave up four bargaining chips for Steve Nash. Now the Magic are asking any interested party to take on some of their sour contracts. Again the Lakers are balking at the notion if having to eat the salary of Hedo Turkoglu or Jason Richardson. Yet they’ve given Nash a hideous deal that will devour cap space for the next three years and refuse to amnesty Metta World Peace.

Something has got to give here.

Dwight, do you want out of Orlando? Would you enjoy seeing your star rise by playing for a franchise whose legacy is built on championships? Cause if so you might want to encourage your new GM to listen to what Mitch Kupchak is offering.

As for you, L.A. Lakers. Do you really want Howard? Do you honestly see him as the missing piece to the championship puzzle? If so then you’ll do whatever it takes, going above and beyond the luxury threshold to make it happen. Anything else is just a passive-aggressive attempt to appease a hungry fan base.

This silly stare down is reaching the point of irrelevancy. The Howard trade could very well be irrelevant because by the time it happens the rest of the league could already be in a place where Howard’s place of employment no longer matters. When Shaq came to L.A. is caused an absolute shift in the hoops landscape. With Howard we could just be talking about a mere change of address form filed with the US Postal service and nothing more. Howard’s timing, like his decisions making, is doomed to be a dollar short and a day late.