No News Is Same News In Dwight Howard Sweepstakes



As another week in the NBA offseason begins we find Dwight Howard in the exact same spot he was in one year ago. Still a member of the Orlando Magic. Still linked to one improbable trade rumor after the next. Still hogging the headlines despite not doing much of anything.

How much longer will this drag out?

Orlando seems to have no deadline or sense of urgency at all when it comes to trading Howard. The Lakers as the last trade partner standing don’t seem too concerned with Orlando’s foot dragging.

Then again, why should the Lakers press Orlando? They are the only team left willing to deal with this debacle. At this point the Magic are left with fewer options to unload Superman II for anything meaningful.

So in many ways the Lakers have the Magic right where they want them. Without any other offers coming in about the only thing Orlando can do to improve their bargaining position is to keep Howard on the roster for the start of the season. Teams aren’t likely to up the ante anytime soon. Not with the Magic still undecided on what they want in return for a trade and certainly now with Howard still wanting to test free agency next year regardless of where he plays. Oh…and there is the whole issue of how will Howard’s back hold up once he returns to the court.

For now progress is maintaining the status quo.

However if this does drag on into the season with Howard still in Orlando then you can expect another round of rumors and false reports as the Dwight Sweepstakes will gain even more momentum.