Mike Brown To Hire Bernie Bickerstaff Who Gave Brown His First NBA Job


Life can be a strange thing. Just ask Dennis Rodman. Or if you’d prefer to hear a tale on the trials of life that don’t include cross dressing or waking up with a hangover next to Croatian model whose name you don’t know then just ask Bernie Bickerstaff for a slice of his time.

Once upon a time Bickerstaff was a head coach in the NBA that worked his way up to general manager of the Denver Nuggets. Among the many people he hired during his time in the Mile High City was an intern named Mike Brown.

That would be the same Mike Brown that went on to become a head coach where he’s worked with two of the biggest names in the game (Kobe Bryant, LeBron James). Something else Brown has done is brought his coaching tree full circle by hiring Bickerstaff as an assistant for next season.

How’s that for a crazy tale?

Former NBA coach hired by current NBA coach who was first hired by the coach he’ll now be working for. Got that? Not even sure I do.

All you really need to know is that this is yet another move made to beef up the Lake Show for another title push. Brown had an OK first year in Los Angeles. But any season that doesn’t end in a parade is a failure in this town…unless you’re a Clipper fan.

In addition to Bickerstaff, the Lakers are looking to add Eddie Jordan as well who will bring the Princeton offense to Staples Center.