Chris Bosh Calls Lakers Best Team On Paper


Who better to know a paper champion than a former paper champion?

This time of year the so-called experts start talking in terms of certainty. Let’s not forget most the entire national media proclaimed the Miami Heat world champions two summers ago before they eventually fell to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals.

Of course the Heat would go on to shake the paper champ label by actually becoming champs this year so that’s all water under the bridge at this point. That’s why the irony of Chris Bosh calling the new look Lakers the best team “on paper” isn’t lost on this Laker fan.

Bosh knows a paper champ when he sees one because he’s been one. Plus, anything to help take the heat off the Heat to repeat as champs is welcome considering how difficult it was for that team to deal the pressure of contending.

Time will tell if Miami can hold up under the weight of the expectations that come with defending a title. More to the point we’ll have to wait and see if the Lake Show is truly a paper champ. Keep in mind Steve Nash has never played in the NBA Finals and Dwight Howard didn’t exactly dominate when he saw the Lakers in the Finals back in ’09.

This team might look great in print but only time will reveal how well they play on the court. However I highly doubt anybody in Laker Land is drinking the Bosh-Aid. As stated previously, this is just a preemptive attempt by Bosh to take some of the pressure off the shoulders of the former paper champs and nothing more.