Kobe Bryant Rated 93 In NBA 2K13


He’s not the Mamba he once was but Kobe Bryant’s status as an elite level player has been confirmed by the developers of NBA2K13…if you rely on that sort of thing to determine the best players in the actual game. In the video game world KB24 is rated at 93 just one behind Kevin Durant’s 94.

Without a doubt Kobe’s production this past season preserved his video game standing. The season prior many were writing off Bryant as past his prime. While he might not be capable of doing many of the things he once did on the court Kobe is still a dynamic player in most aspects of the game.

For whatever it’s worth Bryant is rated ahead of the likes of Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin and Carmelo Anthony. However, he’s well off the pace being blazed by LeBron James in the digital world. No official word on what the 2K developers rated King James but you’d have to imagine he’s as close to 99 as anyone in the game will come.