Dwight Howard Wants To Workout With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


For his taste it might have taken the Lakers and Staples Center far too long to properly honor Kareem Adbul-Jabbar. Cap’s statue is slated to be unveiled in the coming year. What did come right on time for Kareem’s prickly nature was praise from the newest Laker big, one Dwight Howard.

Kareem and Superman II had a Twitter love-fest recently that ended with both parties expressing their interest in working with one another.

For Howard the move makes sense what with all Cap has done in L.A. and all the good he did in coaching up Andrew Bynum. Of course Kareem’s work with Baby Bynum was done on the company’s dime. He’s since been relieved of his “special consultant” duties meaning any work done with Howard would be off the Lakers’ books. At least as of now it would be. Maybe Dwight will try another power play being his last one went so swimmingly.

More to the point, Howard has to first be medically cleared before he can even begin to consider physical activity of any kind. So for now this is all pillow talk.