Stephen Jackson Not A Fan Of Metta World Peace The Rapper


Apr 11, 2012; San Antonio, TX, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace (15) takes a shot over San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson (3) during the first half at the AT

Stephen Jackson and Metta World Peace are forever connected in hoops infamy. The two men were participants in perhaps the darkest moment in NBA history during the unforgettable Malice in the Palace. Apparently for Jackson time doesn’t heal all wounds.

The man formerly known as Captain Jack is still stewing on a then Ron Artest’s reaction to the aftermath of the Palace brawl. So unable to let go of that incident is Jackson that he’s decided to release a rap album that will be World Peace-free.

That’s right. The punishment of all punishments…gasp! Metta World Peace will not appear on Jackson’s rap album. An album that is likely to go wood once it hits iTunes, mind you.

Color Jackson unimpressed with Metta the rapper. As if that’s something Metta should lose sleep over. One crappy rapper dissing another is about as relevant as Carson Daly calling out Craig Kilborn for hosting a crap late night talk show.