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How Carmageddon 2 Will Impact Lakers Title Chances


One year ago I mused over which was worse for Los Angeles: The then on-going NBA lockout or Carmageddon? As it turns out Carmageddon was much ado about nothing. Instead of being the worst day to traverse Los Angeles it was the exact opposite. Finally you could truly get anywhere in the city in 15 minutes. Frightened motorists took the Tweeted advice of Kim Kardashian and remained at home for the weekend.

As we know things didn’t end so well for the Lakers once the lockout passed. Chris Paul’s brief stint as a Laker pretty much ended any title hopes.

So here we are one year later and Carmageddon 2 is upon us. Something tells me this time will be much different for both Angelenos and the Lakers alike.

Last time the 405 was pretty much empty in the hour leading up to its closure. Yesterday it took me a full hour to make my way home to the Valley from Culver City. That was a clear warning that things are going to be different this time around.

Hopefully the same is true for the Lakers this year. Using Carmageddon as our guide, a seamless shutting down of the 405 meant a bad ending for the Lakers’ 2011-12 season. So hopefully a chaotic closure will indicate a title.

At least this time around Mitch Kupchak and company had the benefit of a full offseason to make moves without interference from Commandant Stern.  The Lake Show made their major moves before haters like Dan Gilbert had time to draft drunken e-mails.

The hope is that this year is better than last. That is always true in life. However this is one Angeleno that hopes Carmageddon 2 is an absolute nightmare. Color me superstitious but if a smooth Carmageddon gave way to disappointing Lakers season then simple logic indicates a hectic freeway closure will give way to a parade.