Mike D’Antoni Not Planning On Changes To Coaching Staff


Mar 6, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; New York Knicks head coach Mike D

Mike D’Antoni has already rocked the boat even if he wasn’t the one making waves. His surprise hiring registered on the Richter scale at Cal Tech as Los Angeles was rocked by the news.

So with all the commotion coming with D’Antoni to L.A. it’s only natural he makes as small an initial footprint as possible.

According to the LA Times D’Antoni isn’t planning to make any changes to the already existing coaching staff other than making one addition that is. D’Antoni’s brother will be coming aboard for the title chase this season but otherwise it will be the same group leftover from the short lived Mike Brown era. At least that’s the line being given now.

Things could very well change once D’Antoni is in at the helm. As of now you’d have to feel that no matter what interim coach Bernie Bickerstaff and assistant Chuck Person have nothing to fear. Beyond that who really knows.

All I know is Jim Buss can’t afford to keep making rash decisions. If D’Antoni is his guy then he’d better be willing to stay the course. More to the point he’s better be right about this hire. We all knew the Mike Brown experiment was doomed from the start. My gut tells me D’Antoni will fare better but still won’t be enough to get this team over the hump.