Mitch Kupchak Not Willing To Trade Pau Gasol Just Yet


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Pau Gasol is on the trading block. Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend as if that’s not the truth.

First and foremost Gasol already has been traded once and were it not for Commandant Stern the Spaniard would be in Houston as we speak. Secondly, Pau’s continued decline in playing time and production only hurts the Lakers as they look for ways to improve the team.

Add those two factors together and you get the ongoing Gasol trade watch.

Then there’s also all the reported offers Mitch Kupchak has been receiving for Gasol none of which the Lakers’ GM is willing to move on just yet.

According to reports the Minnesota Timberwolves and Toronto Raptors were the two most recent suitors to come knocking in hopes of leaving Los Angeles with Gasol in tow. In both instances Kupchak has not budged though both reported offers would seem to benefit the Mike D’Antoni Lakers.

The key players in both deals look a likely fit for the D’Antoni system with Toronto big man Andrea Bargnani being able to stretch the floor and Minnesota swingman Derrick Williams providing the athleticism this team so desperately needs.

Of course since neither trade went through we have no real way of knowing what all the particulars involved were. We also don’t know if Kupchak is willing to deal Gasol just yet.

D’Antoni and the rest of the Lakers faithful are eagerly awaiting the return of Steve Nash. If there’s one man out there that can get the Lakers up to speed n a hurry on the intricacies of D’Antoni ball its Nash. He’s likely the key to unlocking Gasol’s true rule in the offense. There is also talk of Nash being willing to come to L.A. only if Gasol remained on the team.

Whatever it is that has Kupchak slow on the draw for Gasol trade talk one thing we do know for sure the tide can change in a hurry. Eventually the Lakers will reach the crossroads with Gasol. Just how they handle it will greatly depend on the state of the team.