Steve Nash Not The Answer For What Ails Lakers


These days any help is welcome when it comes to fixing the fatally flawed Lakers. One such solution that gets mentioned a good 10,000 times as day in Los Angeles is the expected return of Steve Nash. Even Mike D’Antoni himself can hardly go a day without wishfully commenting on the return of Nash.

Here’s the one major problem in all return of Nash vigils being held around the world – Nash isn’t the solution for L.A.’s biggest problem.

Yes, Nash will give the offense what it sorely needs. This team is without a floor general to orchestrate the D’Antoni system while making sure everyone is getting touches in the most efficient areas possible.

Problem is even when Nash was playing the same turnovers problems were prevalent.

The real problem is that Nash will do nothing to help improve this team defensively. He’s never been known for defending and his coach has the same reputation.

So how exactly is the return of Nash the solution?

Simply put Nash’s return is not enough. Even worse is the belief that Nash will return to form as if nothing happened. Keep in mind we’re talking about a 38-year-old guard in the final stages of his career. This is the time when guys see their game deteriorate along with their health.

While Nash didn’t look like he had lost much of a step when he was playing there is no denying that his age will be a factor. Minutes will be limited. His health will be a constant source of speculation. More importantly he’s going to return to expectations undue of anyone in the NBA.

Steve Nash alone cannot fix what is wrong with the Lakers. Mike D’Antoni is putting too many eggs in that basket given there is no definitive timetable for Nash’s return. It’s as if he’s waiting for his quarterback to solve the problem. That will never be a recipe for success.

Part of the reason why Mike Brown’s tenure with Nash didn’t last more than a month was because Brown was content to rely on his point guard to figure out what he couldn’t. Coaching is about empowering players but it’s also about giving the proper guidance to the men on the roster to ensure their talents are being maximized.

If D’Antoni is waiting for Nash to return in order to develop the championship blueprint then he’s more foolish than the man who hired him. Steve Nash will obviously make the Lakers a better team. But if there isn’t a championship formula already in place then the only improvement we’ll see from the Nash-led Lakers might be losing in six games instead of five if they’re lucky enough to make it to the second round of the playoffs if they at all make the postseason.