Andrew Bynum to Dwight Howard: “Get accustomed to not touching the ball”


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When the Lakers swapped Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard everyone knew there was going to be an adjustment period. Howard has been the man on every team he’s ever played on so it was going to be a culture shock the second he stepped on the floor with Kobe Bryant. Meanwhile the city of Philadelphia was going to have to learn to root for an immature and temperamental yet talented big man. Growing pains across the board.

Thus far neither transition has yielded the desired results with the Lakers stumbling their way to a sub .500 record and the 76ers being unable to keep Bynum out of bowling alleys.

But if you were expecting Bynum to be salty about his trade away from L.A. you’d be wrong. In fact Drew was given the wish he badly desired which was to escape the ring-filled clutches of Kobe Bryant to spread his wings elsewhere. In fact, Bynum’s gone one step further in giving Howard some advice so as to see he transitions smoothly into his new surroundings.  Before the Lakers’ handed the Bynum-less Sixers a 111-98 L yesterday Drew offered his two cents on what Howard can expect during his time in Los Angeles.

"“I think Dwight’s a great player, but he’s going to have to get accustomed to playing with Kobe, obviously, and not touching the ball every single play.”"

Bynum even went as far as to say playing with Kobe “stunted” his growth. Bryant actually agreed.

"“Oh, for sure. Because when you’re playing with me, you obviously have to sacrifice something. It’s the same thing with me and Shaq. You kind of offset each other.”"

For Bynum sacrificing touches of the ball for the mega-million dollar contract the Lakers gave him plus those two rings he earned as part of two title teams must have been difficult. Luckily he’s now in Philly where, once he’s healthy, he’ll be able to lead a middle of the road franchise to disappointing playoff exits. That’s well worth being known as the man around town I’m sure.

The Kobe ball hog smack is tired. Dude just joined one of the most exclusive clubs there is in all of hoop when he put his 30,000th point in the record books last week. Last time I checked a scorer that skilled should take as many shots as he sees fit. Are some ill-advised? Yes. So too are the ramblings of immature millionaires that care more about being recognized as a star than they are about winning.