Kobe, Vanessa Bryant Salvage Marriage


Not everything surrounding the Lakers is doom and gloom these days. Sure, they’re the walking dead on the court. This season was D.O.A. in fact.

Hiding beneath all of the ugly hoops is Kobe Bryant quietly having a career year from individual standpoint. Not that Bryant would ever take pride in accomplishing something as an individual that didn’t also include a ring ceremony but he has a right to toot his own horn given his career turnaround. Just a couple years ago it looked like KB24 had one foot out the door. Of course the same could be said for his marriage.

One year ago Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce and it seemed a formality Kobe was going to be a bachelor once again.

But just as Kobe was able to turn the tide on his aging career so too did he for his marriage.

Yesterday the Bryants took to various social media outlets to get the word out that they were moving forward together. Vanessa has withdrawn her petition for divorce meaning the Bryants will remain an item.

No telling what ultimately happened between the couple but they were seen together at various times even during their separation. So for Kobe it’s not a lost season by any means. He won’t end up with the trophy he so covets but there is no doubt he’s got the greatest prize of all – his family.