Metta World Peace On Beating Cavs: “We’re Supposed to Beat This Team”


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

How sideways has this season gone for the Lakers? Put it this way. Metta World Peace is suddenly the voice of reason and seems to be among the few people with the right perspective on the struggles of this team.

Last night the hoops world again overreacted to the Lakers victory over the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers. A twenty point victory ended a season worst six game skid and reignited talks of a turnaround.

Well, if you thought everyone in Lakerland was upbeat after last night then you clearly haven’t heard what Metta had to say of the Lakers’ first win of 2013.

"“If I’m not mistaken, we’re supposed to beat this team. I don’t mean to disrespect Cleveland, but we were supposed to win. What do you want me to say? ‘Hey we played great tonight!’ Defense was great tonight? It’s supposed to be against five rookies learning how to play the game. They see Kobe and they’re just excited. They’re playing in Staples Center. They probably partied last night. “"

But Metta’s postgame rant wasn’t limited to stating the very obvious. He also took the media to task for their low expectations of the Lake Show and all the Clippers flag waving they’ve been doing.

"“I blame the media. Right now you have low expectations for us. And you all converted to Clippers fans. All you beat guys have Clippers badges and stuff now. You guys converted on us. That’s all right, though. We’ll be back.”"

Whether or not Metta’s rant was more tongue in cheek than actual venom is something only he truly knows. Then again he might not even know himself. But that’s not the point.

The point is Metta is 100% correct in his views on last night’s victory. I’m of the belief that the win over the Cavs showed even more of the Lakers’ many flaws. They played sloppy hoops turning the ball over far too many times for a team with playoff aspirations. On the boards the Lakers narrowly edged Cleveland despite the return of Dwight Howard and the Cavs’ thin frontline. And at one point in the third this game got far too close for comfort showing the Lakers still lack focus coming out of the locker room at the half.

Now as for Metta’s opinions on the media taking up the Clipper cause…he’s on his own on that one. But hey, if that’s what it takes to get this team motivated then so be it. Let’s just not read anything into a win against a completely overmatched team.