A Lakers Mutiny Is In The Air


January 15, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D

You don’t need an inside source to know what’s going on in the Lakers’ locker room these days. Pau Gasol is openly unhappy with his role as a sixth man. Dwight Howard is openly distraught with the lack of touches he’s getting every night. Kobe Bryant is openly discussing changes that must occur in the Lakers philosophy in order to start winning.

When your best player starts questioning the manner in which the team is playing then it is blatantly obvious what is going on.

There is a mutiny in the air and if Mike D’Antoni is a stubborn in life as he is in his chosen profession then he likely has no clue what is coming.

Ever since taking the job D’Antoni has seemingly had no idea how to get the most out of this roster. Every night his rotations change. Every week the roles of the players change. Every loss is a reminder of how failed a hire he’s been.

Absolutely nothing that D’Antoni has brought to this franchise has helped improve it in any way.

D’Antoni has openly said he’ll ride Kobe Bryant until the wheels fall off. We’re at the midpoint of the season and guess what. Kobe’s skates have been run into the ground.

D’Antoni’s response to Gasol’s unhappiness with his new role was to shrug and say “that’s life”. Well, Gasol’s life revolves around playing for the Lakers and if D’Antoni’s concept of “life” is to be put in a position that gives his team no chance at victory then what kind of a “life” is that?

At every turn D’Antoni has found some way to alienate every player on this roster. One minute Antawn Jamison is playing big minutes and being relied on in the clutch. The next he’s buried at the end of the bench with no explanation in sight. Same thing has happened recently to Jodie Meeks. Earl Clark, better be expecting the same once the Gasol griping becomes too much for D’Antoni to handle.

Obviously D’Antoni was not the man for the job. Some of us knew that from the start. Problem is the man who made that call – Trust Fund Buss – had no clue. His clueless delusion led to the hire of D’Antoni whose own coaching delusions are now threatening to derail one of the great sports franchises in the world.

All year long D’Antoni has stubbornly stuck to his failed system, unwilling to make the changes necessary to win. All we’ve seen is the flustered coach thrown his hands up without any explanation as to how things will get better.

Next we’ll see something we’ve never seen before in Lakerland – a complete revolt. Of course since its D’Antonti we’re talking about he’ll be the last to both realize and admit he’s lost his team. And since its Jim Buss who D’Antoni ultimately answers to it will be too little too late by the time something is done to try and right this sinking ship.

So let’s just all do as D’Antoni does. Sit back and watch as the Lakers burn.