Dwight Howard Cleared To Return


Could this be the Los Angeles version of the Dwightmare? With the Lakers’ season circling the drain Dwight Howard’s health has become a growing concern. Last night Howard re-aggravated the same shoulder injury that caused him to miss action previously.

Today Howard was cleared by the Lakers’ medical staff to return to action as soon as tomorrow night against the Utah Jazz.

Somehow you get the feeling that this decision is going to ultimately be made by Howard who looks about one more Kobe Bryant lecture away from quitting.

Not saying D12 would fake an injury just to escape this season. But I doubt he’d fight the medical staff if they told him to take it easy.

But that’s just my two cents. Howard gets props for working hard to get into shape in time for the regular season even if his play has clearly been clearly hampered by his back condition. This shoulder problem has obviously given him trouble too so it’s not like the guy has been dogging it. Still, it is hard to ignore his body language and the effort being given.

Somehow you get the feeling that Howard wouldn’t mind if the medical staff told him to shut it down for the season. Come to think of it I wouldn’t mind David Stern just canceled the rest of the Lakers’ season.