On a Lighter Note, Nick Young as Kobe Bryant


There are moments in the locker room that can be treasured.  The locker room is a sacred place for a team.  There, players and coaches share their pains, joys, laughter, and unity.  Sometimes, the media is fortunate enough to capture a rare moment, something that is telling of the team and the chemistry between its members.

Nick Young provided an example of that, by trying to act like Kobe Bryant.

Click the link here: Nick Young as Kobe Bryant in the locker room.

Thunder, rain, shooting, a comeback on Sunday; where else are you going to find this in an interview?

Nick Young tried, but it would be nice to implement more words and phrases such as, “I’m trying to execute a more perfect set shot,” or “The coaches prepared us well for this match up, we just need to execute out there.”  Still, he did say that, “The mamba… you know… slithers through things.  We don’t have bones.”

It’s not lost on Nick Young that, since snakes don’t have bones, Kobe Bryant is stubborn enough to play tonight.

By the way, snakes do have bones.  They’re just adept to slithering through their environment to get what they want.  In Kobe Bryant’s case, that can be going past the defense to get to the hoop, or sliding by the media to have Nick Young take over.