Julius Randle Has Short Arms?

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Observing the NBA draft is a continuous learning process.  I’ve been doing it since 2002.  Julius Randle is considered an elite prospect, worthy of being Top-5.


From BR: Wingspan: The Big Problem With Julius Randle’s Upside

However, this article was created, and I still wouldn’t be afraid to draft him.  Here’s why.

Julius Randle is one of the few NBA-ready players in the draft now.  Andrew Wiggins could use some more strength.  Jabari Parker could be in better shape after facing injury issues as a senior in high school.  Dante Exum looks as skinny as Tayshaun Prince.  Randle?  He’s a legit 6’8″ (without shoes) 250-pound brick house.  Adding strength nearly destroyed Greg Oden’s knees.  Losing weight nearly destroyed Andrew Bynum’s knees in the process.  Randle doesn’t seem to have this problem. Kevin Garnett and Kevin Durant never really added serious bulk, and have better careers for it.  Randle doesn’t need to add bulk.