2014 NBA Mock Draft: Lottery Edition 2.0

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13. Minnesota Timberwolves select Dario Saric

As the home of a host of foreign talent already, the T’Wolves will likely be a big-time pressured situation, needing to please Kevin Love or watch him walk away one year later (or possibly force his way out). Saric provides lots of size at the wing and is a high-IQ as well as great ball-handling ability.

14. Orlando Magic (via Nuggets) select Doug McDermott

Much as the case with the 76ers, the Magic have two lottery picks in the best year to have them. And as the same with them, they should look at the best player available. McDermott is an underrated prospect who has looked great this year. He’ll go under the radar playing for Creighton, but he’s a great stretch four option and will immediately help the Magic.