5 Most Tradeable Lakers Assets

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4. Chris Kaman

No Lakers has been more frustrated this season than Kaman. Originally, Kaman joined the Lakers on the idea of lots of playing time, even coming at a discount. However, it’s been far from ideal for him. He’s been handed a couple handfuls of DNP-Coach’s Decision this season, voicing his frustration many times. Still, in the limited recent action, Kaman has shown no signs of rust, still displaying an array of post moves and quality finishing around the rim.

Like every other Laker, Kaman has a friendly contract. Set to make just over $3.1 million, Kaman would bring a lot of experience to any playoff contender. He still offers himself as a great offensive low-post option and could net the Lakers a nice return. Something along the lines of a second round pick (which the Lakers don’t have this year) would be what the Lakers are looking for in return for Mr. Kaman.