Nick Young: “We aired everything out. We’re all good.”


Jan 3, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guards Nick Young (0) and Kendall Marshall (20) celebrate in the final minute against the Utah Jazz at Staples Center. The Lakers defeated the Jazz 110-99 Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Nick Young and his Lakers’ teammates were able to hash everything out just 2 days after Young called them out for not coming to his aid in the skirmish that followed the hard foul on Young by Suns’ center Alex Len .

"“What I’m mad about is it was 1-on-5, I felt like,” Young stated to reporter following the game. “If somebody would have got in the middle, everything wouldn’t have escalated that much.”"

The team met Friday morning to discuss Young’s concerns with the incident. Young provided insight to reporters on the outcome of the meeting.

"“We just talked about everything. We’re all on the same page now,” Young said. “Once we talked, we aired everything out. We’re all good.”"

Kendall Marshall was one the 4 teammates that were on the floor when the Young/Len incident occurred. Following the game Marshall responded to Young’s “1 on 5” comment and  implied that it was Young that was in the wrong for overreacting.

"“I think Nick kind of saw what he wanted to see at the time,” Marshall said. “Obviously, like I said, you got to understand we got seven guys so maybe at that point and time you just got to chill out.”"

On Friday, Marshall did a complete 180 from his stance following Wednesday’s game.

"“I take full blame. I should have ran over there and pulled him out of there,” Marshall said. “I think it’s good for him to get upset at us about that.”"

Swaggy P I got your back brotha Lakers For Life Win Or Lose!!! #SwaggyP #lakergame #lal4lifee
Swaggy P I got your back brotha Lakers For Life Win Or Lose!!! #SwaggyP #lakergame #lal4lifee /

Marshall also commented on the meme that made its rounds on Instagram (pictured above) which mocked his less eager attempt at backing up Young in the melee.

"“I thought it was hilarious. Marshall said. You look at it and it does look pretty bad.”"

The Lakers have apparently have moved on from the incident and look to get things turned around tonight against the Boston Celtics in the TD Garden. They won’t have Nick Young as he was suspended 1 game by the NBA for his punch of Goran Dragic during the scrum.

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