The 2014 Draft: Andrew Wiggins? Joel Embiid? Or Marcus Smart?

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Jan 18, 2014; Lawrence, KS, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys forward Brian Williams (4) drives to the basket against Kansas Jayhawks guard Andrew Wiggins (22) in the first half at Allen Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Wiggins had a shockingly minimal impact game.  Throughout the season, he’s been gaining a reputation for his lack of consistency and intensity.  Before, it was understandable.  He’s a freshman trying to fit in on the team and not force all of the bad shots.  His defensive effort throughout the season has been very consistent, and he’s the key cog to getting Kansas in transition.

However, he finished the game with a pull-up 3-point shot off the dribble.  He finished 1 of 5 from the field.  The other statistics aren’t even worth mentioning.  There’s no number greater than 3.  It is very concerning that he finished with just 5 total shot attempts in the game.  He clearly has one-on-one ability, but has yet to consistently show it against NCAA level competition.  In one move, he took in a pass from post position, squared up into triple threat position facing the basket, and took a hard power dribble right, where he side-stepped the defender with a huge stride, and got by.  He also got fouled.  Usually when a player drives by a defender, the separation isn’t as great.  Wiggins, was side-by-side with his own defender on his way to the cup.

Games like these worry scouts.  They’re not able to properly evaluate his offensive game, let alone watch his talent carry a team.  Today was not his day.