Quit Kicking Us While We’re Down, Magic


Feb 21, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Magic Johnson talks to Jamal Wilkes outside the Nokia Theater as they arrive for the memorial service for Dr. Jerry Buss who passed away Feb 18, 2013. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to Kobe Bryant, and even during most of Bryant’s tenure, Magic Johnson was the face of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. Remembered for his unorthodox skill set relative to his size, as well as his friendly attitude, Magic was the key component when the NBA blew up during the 1980s.

After his departure from the roster, he took various roles within the organization, from coach, to player, to the front office, all while holding a small part of ownership of the Lakers. He remained connected to the team and remained a face of the franchise. But as Magic has faded out with his involvement with the Lakers, his criticism of the franchised has increased.

Now-a-days, fans are left to read or listen to Magic Johnson spout off, seemingly trolling Lakers fans tweet by tweet. In fact, while writing this, Magic’s latest act saw him alienate Lakers Nation even more.

If it were a one-time deal, fans may be able to forgive the Laker great. But Magic constantly criticizes the Lakers in every sense, both on and off the court. Take a look at his Twitter timeline and see….

Then take a listen to his talk show interview with Jay Leno from Monday night…

Certainly, a man is entitled to his opinion. Magic is entitled to any opinion he has. But Magic is not an average Joe. His opinion resonates within the basketball world. He still is, and always will be, associated with the Lakers franchise. His opinions will always reflect back onto the Lakers.

When he consistently demeans Jim Buss, people notice.
When he blames Mike D’Antoni for all the Lakers failures, people notice.
When he omits Kobe as one of the greatest, EVERYONE notices.

And furthermore, the Lakers are in the worst position they’ve been in decades. Not even during the 90s were the Lakers as bad as they are this year. We know we suck. What the Lakers need is support from their legends. We see the likes of James Worthy, Robert Horry, and even Phil Jackson backing the squad. Then you look at Magic and he’s berating Jim Buss again and telling media how bad Mike D’Antoni is.

Instead of backing this squad and being a possible recruiting figure in the future for the Lakers, Magic has alienated himself from the team, front office, and players. He is doing nothing but further hurting the Lakers.

Magic, we’re down. Help us up.