NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Deadline Deals the Lakers Could Make

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This is another deal centered on the idea that the Lakers aren’t interested in cap space for 2014 and will instead change their focus toward 2015. With the duo of Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik set to make $29.6 million next year, it’d be a definite sign that LA is committed to post-2014.

From Houston’s perspective, Asik is unsettled and Lin has always seemed less than comfortable in Houston. Maybe Kevin McHale feels he can better utilize Pau Gasol next to Dwight Howard. In his defense, the duo showed signs of great chemistry with Gasol’s fantastic passing and Howard’s athletic ability.

CHANCES OF TRADE HAPPENING: 30%. Again, LA has always seemed set on freeing up cap space this summer. This would clog up all the space next to Kobe Bryant’s contract.