NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Deadline Deals the Lakers Could Make

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The problem with a player like Pau Gasol is it’s very hard to match contracts. If LA is determined to move him before losing him this off-season, this trade provides an interesting return. With Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson, the Lakers aren’t going to lose much offensively in the low-post. Gibson is under contract for four more years and is a promising player. Boozer’s contract expires in time for the Lakers to pursue Love and company next summer.

For Chicago, this trades immediately frees up their cap space for a run at Carmelo Anthony this summer. Steve Blake slots in for financial reasons, but that player could be anyone around the $4 million mark, with the possibility of bringing in a third team as well.

CHANCES OF TRADE HAPPENING: 65%. The Lakers have reportedly called the Bulls about Gibson. However, the only way they could get him is likely taking on Boozer’s huge contract as well. This, like many other trades, depends on LA’s thoughts of this summer versus 2015’s summer crop of free agents.