Tyler Ennis vs. Marcus Smart: NBA Draft Prospect Match Up

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Feb 1, 2014; Stillwater, OK, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys guard/forward Brian Williams (4), guard Marcus Smart (33), center Kamari Murphy (21), guard Markel Brown (22) and forward Le

For Syracuse, Ennis has stood out as a quiet leader, gaining respect from his teammates by distributing the basketball and making smart decisions.  Marcus Smart, however, is very young at 19, and yet a much more fiery, vocal leader for his team.  Ennis sets the table for his teammates on the floor.  Smart tries to do it on and off the floor, and admits to his mistakes.  More importantly, he accepts his responsibilities and tries to be an example for his teammates.  This is rare maturity for a 19-year-old, nevermind any leader in any field.  There are times when Smart loses his patience, whether it’s a bad call or an unfortunate event, but it’s due to his ultra-competitiveness to win, not intentional malice.  Ennis is more likely to hit a cold-blooded dagger shot like he did against Pittsburgh from 30′ out on the run.  Smart, is more likely to force the issue on offense try to create a play with more force.