Julius Randle vs. Jabari Parker: NBA Draft Prospect Match Up

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Athleticism can be defined in different ways.  Some strengths are better for the basketball world than others.  Julius Randle is the player who has surprising quickness, laterally and directionally.  He combines that with strength, and solid vertical ability.  With his athletic abilities, he’s able to grab a defensive rebound and drive full-court for a transition finish.  Showing tremendous energy, or having a great motor, is a reflection of athletic ability too.  Guys like Dennis Rodman and Charles Barkley are known for their activity in the paint to grab defensive rebounds.  Randle does so with rebounds and on the offensive end, especially against double and triple teams.

Video Link: Julius Randle Scores 27 Points Against Michigan State

Jabari Parker, is a smooth athlete.  He has a solid first step.  Defenders bite on his jab-steps because of his threat to drive.  He too has strength, but it is more with his legs than his body in comparison to Randle. Unfortunately, he lacks lateral quickness. That leg strength allows Parker to finish in traffic, explode up for defensive rebounds, and block shots on team help situations.  He is listed as weighing around 10lbs. less than Randle, and his weight gain is due to a foot injury that kept him sidelined in high school.  Still, he has a frame that can add more strength, and is surprisingly effective with his post moves as well.  It’s difficult to find a player at the power forward spot with that kind of quickness, initial explosion, and body control.  He has that in spades.

Video Link: Jabari Parker Gets 19 And 10 Against Syracuse