Julius Randle vs. Jabari Parker: NBA Draft Prospect Match Up

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How Each Player Fits the Lakers

Amare Stoudemire had most of his success under Mike D’Antoni’s system.  While he primarily worked with his face up game, he had some post moves as an alternate option with a halfcourt set.  Julius Randle, while not as explosive as Stoudemire, could put guards off-balance with his screens and have creative finishes in the paint.  He is a bundle of quickness, power, and strength. In pick and roll situations, that is difficult to contain.  He also has a face up game up to 15′, able to drive left or right with either hand and spin pivot into the paint for an easy score.  Like Stoudemire, his range can be extended and he would be a surprising fit for the Laker system.

Jabari Parker also, would be a tremendous fit for the Lakers.  While he may not have the strength to screen as effectively, he has the perimeter range to pick-and-pop, as well as the skills to become a playmaker and set things up for a teammate.  He’s less likely to play in the post, but he adds a dimension of interior and perimeter play, which provides the spacing that Mike D’Antoni requires.  Parker’s versatility opens things up for other teammates and gives them lanes to attack the basket as well.

Either way, the Lakers aren’t making a wrong choice if they choose either player. Parker is easily the most NBA ready player and a higher ceiling because he could get into better game-shape.  That alone helps refine his offensive versatility while giving him more defensive flexibility.  Randle’s ceiling is predicated on how well he evolves his perimeter skills and having refined go-to moves in the paint.  It seems he has nearly maxed out his strength.  Then again, the only other player who can match his strength and motor is Kenneth Faried, and Faried doesn’t have those hands, post up game, or perimeter range.