A 2014 Lottery Draft List, March Edition

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We’re nearing the end of the season.  With twenty or so games to go, it’s getting obvious who is going to make the playoffs and who isn’t.  Some teams are fighting for playoff position.  Other teams are fighting for lottery position.

That being said, I do not think the Lakers are tanking.  I do not know of any other team that has been so talent-depleted from injury.  After all, the San Antonio Spurs lost how many games before landing their #1 pick to get Duncan?  The focus was David Robinson being out for most of the year.  Well, the Lakers have Kobe Bryant out, with Pau Gasol, Jordan Hill, Jordan Farmar, Nick Young, Xavier Henry, Steve Blake, Steve Nash, and Jodie Meeks missing significant time.

So, without further ado, this is my draft list.  This is not a mock draft.  This is more of, a draft list of the players I would like to see the Lakers acquire, in order, depending on what position they are in the draft.  Almost all of these players have been covered on this website.  Additional articles and videos can be found on the links added for each prospect.