Noah Vonleh vs. Aaron Gordon: NBA Draft Prospect Match-up

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The Lakers will have a high draft pick this summer, but nothing is guaranteed with the lottery system. Ideally, the Lakers land with one of the top three picks and find themselves with a possible franchise-altering player. But this draft is not a top heavy one, and any player in the top half of the lottery will make an immediate impact on the team that drafts them.

For the Lakers, it’ll very much be a decision of best player available when they are on the clock. If they do indeed find themselves in the 5th – 8th pick range, a couple intriguing decisions will come about. Do you risk it and take Marcus Smart, subject of “character issues?” Where does Julius Randle fall on the big board? For today’s debate, however, we’ll take a look at a couple big men who have positioned themselves near the top of many draft big boards in Noah Vonleh and Aaron Gordon.

Both players have the potential to be stars, but in different facets. Gordon is an explosive leaper, while Vonleh is a potential-laden prospect with all the physical tools. Both have plenty of room to grow, but which one should be higher on the Lakers draft board?