Noah Vonleh vs. Aaron Gordon: NBA Draft Prospect Match-up

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Gordon – As stated in the last slide, Gordon has harnessed his athletic ability both offensive and defensively to really get the most out of his skill set. Offensively, he can finish at the rim better than any player in college basketball. He has shown some decent skills in the post, but certainly has room to grow as would any player of his age. Despite being just 6’8, he can really utilize his body and wide frame to bang with the bigger bodies in the post.

Defensively is where Gordon separates from the rest. Gordon is a very smart defender, not falling for pump fakes and once again utilizing his wide frame and big body as well as his athleticism. Whereas most players with Gordon’s athleticism might jump wildly at any block possible, Gordon is smart enough to understand when to go for a block and when to remain on the ground.

Vonleh – Everything about Vonleh is raw and unpolished. As an IU student, I’ve watched Vonleh all year and the flashes of his potential will be what scouts fall in love with. At 6’10, Vonleh possesses a solid handles and more often than not can break down his defender from the three-point line. Similarly, his post-game is developing and will continue to develop. Considering Vonleh 19 years old if he debuts in the NBA, he’ll be young and have lots of room to grow. Consider that the last Lakers lottery pick was a young big man with lots of potential, and he helped the Lakers to two titles.

Defensively, Vonleh’s huge wingspan and reach make him a great rebounder. Unlike the last big man to come out of Indiana (Cody Zeller), Vonleh likes to bang around in the paint and isn’t turned away from physical contact. While not a great shot blocker, his size and length will get him a couple blocks a game.