LSL Roundtable: The Future of the Lakers

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What is 1 change the Lakers need to make this summer?

Booth – You can go back to the previous question regarding the coaching change to answer this, but I’ll continue upwards. There needs to be better structure within upper management. I have all the faith in the world in Mitch Kupchack, but unfortunately not in Jim Buss. It seems he is hell-bent on building the Lakers in his own image, regardless of outcome. I’m not saying he needs to go, but suggesting he take more advantage of the various resources at his disposal, which, if media reports are accurate, he doesn’t. As Kobe Bryant recently commented during a presser, everyone upstairs needs to get on the same page, and he’s right.

Burden – Have an increased input from Lakers legends in the management on the team.

Lopez – The Lakers need to change the relationship between Jim and Jeanie. Until the two most important front office personnel get on the same page, its going to be tough for the Lakers to be the great franchise is has been. Jim and Jeanie need to put aside personal differences and really sit down and figure out the vision they have for this franchise. You can’t sign Kobe to a two-year extension and then say you’re going to put signing any significant free agents off until the NEXT off-season. The Lakers don’t have a draft pick next season, so it’ll be playoffs or bust. If the Lakers have a real chance at making the playoffs, they’ll need the front office unified.

Hicks – The Lakers need to find a way to get an early second round pick in this year’s draft. A lot of these top freshman and sophomores won’t necessarily improve their draft stocks next year especially with another loaded class of prospects coming into college next season. That means a talent like Bobby Portis, Austin Nichols, Marcus Foster, Jabari Bird, Dakari Johnson, Rasheed Suliamon, or Kaleb Tarczewski might be available. The Lakers need to go all in with young, high upside talent. Kobe is going to play til 39 or 40, the time needed to become the league’s all-time Scorer. The Lakers need to rebuild the right way and not assume Kevin Durant is walking through that door.

Garcia – The only change the Lakers need to make this summer is where they want to go with the team.  That starts with the coach.  The coach may have impact on the draft and free agency decisions.  In the end, it’s up to the coach to try and salvage this squad from the bottom to championship level in a two-year span.  No pressure.

Morales – Fire D’Antoni. No explanation necessary.

Rude – It’s been stated by most of the writers here, but establishing a coach immediately should be task #1. If they truly think Mike D’Antoni is the guy for the future, then they need to make it known he’s not going anywhere. If he’s getting fired, it needs to happen pronto so that a new coach can come in and integrate themselves in the process of reshaping the team this summer. Our future will be decided this summer and we need to be certain we have the right guy in charge.