Dante Exum, At the Laker Game, Again


Ever remember your first major interest?  In my case, it was cars.  When I was five years old, I was identifying every car on the road.  When I was seven years old, I began a habit of going to auto shows every year.

I knew I was passionate about it.

By the time I turned eleven, I got into basketball cards.  I started putting the cards in numerical order.  I started memorizing statistics.  I would buy a Beckett’s magazine to find the find the value of the cards.  That’s when I learned about the draft.

Speaking about the draft, Dante Exum clearly has one main passion.

This is the second time he’s been found at a Laker game.  Like a lot of games this season, it was a relative blow out early.  The Lakers kept it close into the 4th quarter, but the Spurs played lock-down defense, and came away with the win.  Still, that doesn’t stop Dante from showing up at Laker games.

Maybe Dante Exum is studying the NBA game.  Maybe he’s a loyal fan to the Los Angeles Lakers.  Maybe he’s trying to find how he can help the team.  Maybe, there’s purple and gold in his blood, and he’s found a new home.  Maybe, he’ll end up wearing the purple and gold after the 2014 draft.  Maybe, he wants to be a Laker legend.