8 Possible Front Court Combinations for the Lakers in 2014-15

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1. Young Guns

PF – Greg Monroe, C – Joel Embiid

Monroe is an intriguing and certainly logical target for the Lakers this summer. As a restricted free agent, Monroe is a solid pick and will be just 24 going into next season. Currently, he’s averaging 14.9 points and 9.2 rebounds while spending most of his time at PF. However, he can play the center, which is an option if Mike D’Antoni is coach again next season.
As for Embiid, he would be able to provide some defensive cover for Monroe or any big man he plays next to in the NBA. Embiid’s per-40 minute stats are an insane 19.4 points, 14.0 rebounds, and 4.5 blocks per. While he’s a work in progress, he could be a risk worth taking for the Lakers, given that their last lottery pick was a young big man who developed into something special. Pairing Embiid with Monroe gives you a perfect offense/defense front court.

2. Best Case Scenario

PF – Chris Bosh, C – Joel Embiid

Rarely does the best case scenario happen, especially in an unpredictable world like NBA free agency and the draft. However, if the best case scenario does play out, the Lakers would be licking their chops. We’ve already talked about what Embiid can bring, but Bosh would be another level. Always regarded as the third wheel in Miami’s Big 3, Bosh may be forced out if the Heat can’t afford to offer him a larger contract. Bosh certainly commands (and deserves) a max contract, and many teams would come calling if he entered free agency. If he ended up in LA, and the Lakers ended up with a top draft pick, they could set up their front court for the next half a decade.