8 Possible Front Court Combinations for the Lakers in 2014-15

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5. Savvy Veterans

PF – Pau Gasol, C – Chris Bosh

Under these circumstances, Pau Gasol would certainly have to come at a discount, but it could be worth it. While it certainly isn’t a defensive stalwart of a front court, it’s a talented one. Bosh and Gasol have similar play styles, both spending as much time away from the basket as they do posting up. Their versatility could mesh well together an the offensive end, with neither relying on either being in the post or being on the perimeter.

Defensively, this duo would be an improvement over this year’s squad, but that doesn’t take much. Bosh is an underrated defender, but he’ll still be overmatched by bigger, more powerful centers like Dwight Howard or Roy Hibbert. Nonetheless, their offensive skill set could make up for what this duo would give up defensively.

6. Defense Wins Championships

PF – Chris Bosh, C – Emeka Okafor

One of the names more commonly associated with trade talk than free agency has been Emeka Okafor. Lakers fans will remember him from trade discussions with the Phoenix Suns prior to the trade deadline. Okafor will not play a game this season, but is still known for his defensive ability. If his health recovers, the Lakers could bring him in at a cheap price. Pair him with Bosh, who is good at defending centers and better and defending forwards, and the Lakers would have a good defensive front court for the first time in recent memory.