Draft Picks #6 through #10 (w/video)

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#7  Aaron Gordon

Some feel that Gordon has slipped in the draft.  He plays too much like a role player, and doesn’t show the dynamic play that warrants a franchise player label.  Some think he’s a Shawn Marion-type.  While he plays that role, he goes about it in a different way.  Gordon’s defense has gone highly underrated all season long, similar to Andrew Wiggins.  He always shows great defensive position, moves his feet well, and provides great interior defensive presence on a more fundamental level.  His offensive skill set is based around a face-up game, from both the high-post and 3-point line.  He is more advanced than Blake Griffin out of Oklahoma in those regards, but doesn’t carry his strength just yet.  Still, like Marcus Smart, he has a reputation for a tremendous work ethic and won the MVP award of the U19 USA Men’s Basketball team, ahead of Smart, Doug McDermott, Dario Saric, and Dante Exum.  Blake Griffin didn’t get a jumpshot or any kind of real post up skills until the past two years.  Gordon should be able do that within his first two seasons in the league.  Just wait until he adds the strength. He won’t be playing like a role player at that point.