Draft Picks #6 through #10 (w/video)

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#9 Rodney Hood

He may be a reach, but no one is going to question his work ethic and his perimeter touch.  At a full 6’8″ with great perimeter touch, shooting 49% from the field and 42% behind the arc, he’s an excellent spot-up small forward.  He has a slightly above-average handle with a shake at the beginning of his drive and a solid first step.  His jumpshot sets up the rest of the game.  More importantly, he hits equally well in spot-up situations, off-the-dribble, pick-and-roll situations, and off curls.  He has tremendous touch from midrange too.  He’s not just an all-dunk, all-three wing player. Some would say, he is Duke’s best perimeter defender.  He took on the toughest assignments defensively and kept up, while still being the #2 option behind Jabari Parker.  Why do I rank him so high?  His assist-to-turnover ratio is greater than 1:1. The improvement he showed from last summer proved itself on the court.  He’s a self-made player.