NBA Draft Prospect Match-up: Dante Exum vs. Marcus Smart

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Quick, name the best Lakers point guard since Magic Johnson. Considering he retired in 1991, we have over 20 years of possible point guards. Certainly, there most be at least one, right? I’ll give you a moment to search deep in your memory banks. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Was Derek Fisher your answer? A glorified role player who excelled in a system that best fit him? I bet a lot of you picked Nick Van Exel, Sure, he was a fan favorite because he played on some Lakers squads that were void of much talent, but was he really THAT good? 14.9 points and 7.3 assists is the best you’ve gotten out of a point guard since Magic?

Luckily for the Lakers, there are two premier options available in the draft. On one hand, you have the talented, but unproven foreigner in Dante Exum. On the other hand, you have the proven leader who has had character issues brought to the forefront by the name of Marcus Smart. Both remain a top-10 pick, but will the Lakers being interested? Certainly Exum is interested in being a Laker, but will he be available with the Lakers pick? Is Smart talented enough to overlook his possible character issues?