NBA Draft Prospect Match-up: Dante Exum vs. Marcus Smart

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Where Do They Fit With The Lakers?

There’s no better way to find a leader for the post-Kobe Bryant Lakers than finding the point guard for the future. While both these players would not necessarily perfectly complement Bryant, each would excel. In reality, it’s going to depend on the Lakers draft position which will determine who they select. From a physical standpoint, each is opposite, but both would be perfect for the Lakers. If D’Antoni is still around, he offense is incredibly point guard friendly, and would benefit both these players.

If the Lakers land Exum, they have a player who yearns to be apart of the Lakers franchise. He’s more than willing and eager to learn from Bryant. In order to draft him, the Lakers are going to have to be positioned likely at the 4th spot at worst. He’s entering the same level as Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, and Joel Embiid. Anything past fourth and the chances severely decrease each pick that Exum is around. The best bet the Lakers have at getting Exum later than about sixth is if Exum strong arms his way to Los Angeles, which isn’t likely.

As for Smart, he’s going to fall below the 4th-6th range of picks. If the Lakers keep winning or getting unlucky in the draft, Smart instantly falls into their range. Smart is a fantastic leader and is arguably more suitable to lead the Lakers than Exum. In reality, the Lakers can’t go wrong with either of these picks. While some may not be high on Smart, he was a #1 pick possibility last year for a reason and fans should remember that.