Mitch Kupchak, Lakers hope to have coach before NBA Draft


In a rare television interview appearance, Mitch Kupchak was interviewed on Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles one day after a conference call with reporters. Kupchak’s biggest revelation was the timetable for a new head coach, specifically that they intended to have a coach hired by the NBA Draft on June 26th.

This offers more clarity to a situation that Kupchak did not specifically address. Kupchak admitted that their coaching search had begun, but did not offer a specific timetable other than a coach would not be hired within the next two to three weeks.
Multiple head coaches have been linked with the Lakers. Byron Scott is the most recent person linked to the Lakers head coaching search, and is likely the fan favorite. Mike Dunleavy Sr. has also been interviewed by Kupchak as a potential replacement.

The Lakers draft fortunes will certainly have an effect on the coaching search. With the 7th pick in a fully loaded draft class, the Lakers will have a young stud player to build around. Furthermore, their large salary cap space offers a chance to shape a roster suitable to the new coach’s play style.

Who would you like to see as Lakers head coach? Byron Scott? Mike Dunleavy? Jeff Van Gundy? Let us know below!!!