Game Recap: 3 Thoughts On Suns Defeating Lakers 112-106

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3.The Lakers rotation is problematic and can’t wait until Young returns to make changes

The Jeremy Lin-Kobe Bryant partnership is struggling to gel. Both are ball dominant and Lin seemingly thrives when Bryant is off the court. The starting unit needs to surround Bryant with more shooting and defense and energy. Wayne Ellington should receive more minutes and the same goes for Ronnie Price.

Ryan Kelly also should garner more time with Bryant, which would create more passing outlets for him. Lin would be best served going back to the bench and being the dominant force with that unit.

Coach Scott has been reluctant to use Jordan Clarkson, but Clarkson’s energy is infectious and the Lakers tend to get more 50/50 balls with him on the floor. Ed Davis also needs more playing time, especially alongside Jordan Hill. With the Lakers being undersized, they have to make up the lack of size with effort and the starting unit is consistently being out hustled.

Defensively they aren’t stopping anyone, anywhere. Ronnie Price in the starting lineup might start to change that and sliding Bryant down to the small forward may also help their perimeter defense.