Jeremy Lin News: Korean BBQ Is A Must After Beating Celtics


Most are in agreement that the Lakers should give up on winning this season and focus on improving their odds at landing the number one overall pick in the draft. In other words, tank. At this point in the season, it seems wise for the Lakers to throw in the towel, but there is one exception. The Boston Celtics.

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You never lose to the Celtics, even when losing benefits your draft positioning. The Celtics held the lead for most of the first three quarters, but the Lakers were able to go on a run midway through the fourth. The Lakers should have finished them off in the fourth, but they allow the Celtics to come back in the final minute and they forced overtime.

The Lakers were on a mission to break the losing streak and they only allowed the Celtics to score five points in the overtime period and the Lakers won 118-111. Jeremy Lin was instrumental in the fourth quarter and overtime, he scored 13 points and the Staples Center crowd was electric.

After leading the Lakers to victory, Lin celebrated with his family by eating some Korean Barbecue. Lin posted this on his official Facebook account:

Korean Barbecue is very popular here in Los Angeles and it’s the only way to celebrate after beating the hated Celtics, especially if it’s all you can eat. After dropping 25 points and six assists, Lin deserves an unlimited supply of delicious meat.

Lin hasn’t had the best year with the Lakers and many believe this will be his lone season with the purple and gold. However, Lin proved he can still play at an efficient level in this league with yesterday’s performance.

The Lakers have the Jazz up next, hopefully Lin is able to maintain the momentum and continue playing well.