Lakers Rumors: Jimmy Butler Interested In Signing With Lakers


The Lakers will be aggressively attacking free agency this off-season and they are hopeful they will have better luck this time around. There is no superstars available this Summer, but plenty of good quality players will be on the market.

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Unfortunately, some of the better players available are restricted free agents, which means the Lakers can offer a contract, but the team that drafted them can ultimately match any offer and keep the player.

Players like Jimmy Butler, Draymond Green and Kawhi Leonard are all restricted free agents, but the Bulls, Warriors and Spurs are very likely to match any offer that another NBA team offers. For Butler, he is looking for a shorter deal since the salary cap is going up in the next couple of years. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Butler is reportedly interested in signing an offer sheet with the Lakers;

"As Butler spends time in Los Angeles this summer, a stretch that’s included an overseas “Entourage” promotional jaunt with producer Mark Wahlberg, Butler’s intrigue with signing a potential Los Angeles Lakers offer sheet has increased, league sources told Yahoo Sports"

Butler would be a homerun acquisition for Mitch Kupchak and his staff, but it’s important to note that the Bulls would be foolish to let him walk. The Lakers could be creative with the way they structure the offer sheet, but in the end the Bulls have all the control.

No offense to Chicago, but of course Butler is spending his Summer in beautiful Los Angeles. He is one of the better two way players in the NBA and would greatly improve the Lakers’ odds of making the postseason next year,  but it’s important to be realistic. The Bulls know that Derrick Rose cannot be the franchise player, so they have to turn to Butler and give him all the money he wants.

The Lakers must focus on attainable targets, unfortunately, Butler is not one of them.