Lakers: Byron Scott is Terrible at Paddleboarding (Video)

Credit: Cecilia Gutierrez (Instagram)
Credit: Cecilia Gutierrez (Instagram) /

Byron Scott tried to go paddleboarding with his girlfriend during the All-Star break and the Lakers coach is awful at it

NBA fans largely only care about the All-Star break for All-Star Weekend itself as they get to see things like the game, the Rising Stars Challenge, and of course the Slam Dunk and 3-Point Contests. However, for players and coaches it’s actually a bit of a respite about two-thirds of the way through a brutal schedule. Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott took the 2016 break to go on vacation with his girlfriend, for instance.

Off on what appears to be some sort of island retreat, Scott and his muse decided to take on the leisurely activity of paddleboarding while on their vacation. That would have probably been a good time if it weren’t for the simple fact that the Lakers head coach is absolutely terrible at paddleboarding, at least according to a video posted to Instagram by his girlfriend, Cecilia Gutierrez:

It’s honestly shocking that someone can be so awful at paddleboarding that they legitimately do not move from the same spot for the entire length of an Instagram video. Either Byron is stuck in a very realistic looking simulator or he’s the worst at paddleboarding in the history of the activity.

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Then again, Lakers fans are pretty accustomed to seeing Scott be pretty awful at things considering many of the coaching decisions that he’s made throughout the 2015-16 season. Now it’s not just a metaphor when people say that Scott is just running paddling in place in regards to how he coaches the Lakers.