Lakers Rumors: Kings Willing to Trade Demarcus Cousins

The mercurial center may find himself donning a different uniform next season. Could it possibly be a Lakers jersey?

Sacramento Kings center Demarcus Cousins can be described as a lot of things – of which “talented”, “skilled”, and “dominant” do justice. Yet, a recent report has it that the center’s “moody” behavior is tempting the Kings to trade him.

Despite being reputed as a volatile player ever since his days as a rookie, the Kings have made concerted efforts throughout the years to keep their star player because of his transcendent abilities on the basketball court. It looks as though that may finally change.

According to Aileen Voisin of The Sacramento Bee,

“The disconnect between Karl and Divac, and Karl and Cousins, is rivaled closely by the discord within the fragmented locker room. Apart from Rondo, Cousins has few friends among his teammates. Several players privately have complained to management about his mood swings and disrespect for those around him, including his coaches and in particular Karl.”

The Lakers, who were linked to Cousins last summer following the NBA draft, may be a team who shows interest in the stubborn, yet undeniably talented big man. Based on last year’s turn of events, however, it will not be easy to obtain him. Acquiring Cousins will require the trading of some, if not all, of the Lakers’ young core.

Needless to say, the notion that a team that had once been so supportive of its best player is now open to the idea of trading him is noteworthy. Only time will tell as to what happens to the All-Star center.