Lakers: Luke Walton’s Contract Is For 5 Years, $25 Million

New details about Luke Walton‘s contract with the Los Angeles Lakers are now available

According to multiple sources, Luke Walton’s deal with the Los Angeles Lakers is for five years, $25 million or roughly $5 million a year.

Looking around the league at the salaries of his head coaching counterparts, Walton seems to fall directly in the middle of the pack, making the same salary as Chicago Bulls’ head coach, Fred Hoiberg, and even his mentor, Golden State Warriors’ coach, Steve Kerr.

When comparing this to the contract that the Minnesota Timberwolves recently gave Tom Thibodeau — 5 years, $50 million — it can be argued that LA got off easily. It must be mentioned that, Thibodeau will have double-duty serving as head coach and president of basketball operations, a la Doc Rivers.

When directly held up to Byron Scott‘s contract ($4.25 million a year), Mike D’Antoni‘s ($4 million a year), and Mike Brown‘s ($4 million a year), Walton represents a significant upgrade for just around a million dollars more per season.

One prospect that is often over looked is that by getting rid of Scott who was signed to a multi-year deal, the Lakers will still have to pay him for next season, making their total practically $9.25 million a year for head coaching services.

Walton recently revealed that he would be more inclined towards running a Golden State styled offense, as opposed to the Triangle offense with this current roster, but the fact that he is well versed in both is great news for the Purple and Gold.