Lakers Draft Prospects: 5 Players to Consider Drafting With the 32nd Pick

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Much has been made of the Lakers retaining their first round selection in this year’s draft, and rightly so but LA’s track record recently with late picks is also encouraging

Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram are players who can single-handedly shift the future outlook of the organization, and getting the chance to select one of them is a huge victory for the team. However, in the excitement following the draft lottery, it seems that the Lakers’ other draft choice has often been overlooked.

Although second round picks are not nearly as important as those in the first round, Lakers fans know full and well that not all impact players are chosen in the lottery. With the team landing Larry Nance Jr. in the late first round, and Jordan Clarkson in the second, it has become clear that high impact players can be found deeper in the draft.

With that in mind, the Lakers will have their choice of some impressive talent with their second round pick. Whether each player will be there when the time comes remains to be seen, but they will be evaluated here based on fit, future potential, immediate impact, and likelihood of being available.

Here are some prospects the Lakers could consider come Draft Day.

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