Lakers Summer League: 5 Takeaways Thus Far

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The Lakers are 3-0 in Summer League heading into tournament play and these are the five biggest takeaways to this point

For a team that has been accustomed to losing for the past three seasons, the Los Angeles Lakers must be ecstatic to be undefeated so far in the Las Vegas Summer League.

Though Summer League holds little to no long-term value for players or organizations, it allows youngsters to showcase their development over the summer and work on their games in an organized manner.

The Lakers, who enjoyed a first-round bye in the Summer League playoffs due to their undefeated record that earned them the No. 3 overall seed, have certainly played a lot better as a team then they did last year in Vegas, when they sported a forgettable 1-4 record and were largely disappointing.

As such, winning affords the opportunity to examine what has been going on thus far in Vegas and really assess where the best young assets for the Lakers are in regards to their development.

Here are the five biggest takeaways from the Lakers in Summer League through their first three games and subsequent trio of victories.

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